lis addison


is an award winning and internationally recognized Composer, Vocalist, Keyboardist and Electronic Musician who creates and records music in her Singing Tree Studio. She specializes in electronic and world music designed to inspire and raise consciousness and support healing for the individual and the natural world. Her music can be heard on conventional and internet radio and in dance, yoga, healing and meditation centers from Alaska to Zimbabwe. She also composes soundtracks for private and commercial clients. Her grace as a dancer makes her adept at matching the movement of film.

Addison has won awards from the Pacific Composer's Forum, Meet the Composer (NEA), The Global Music Awards and the Zone Music Reporter Awards, where her CD The Grace of the Green Leaf won Best Vocal Album in 2010. Her last three releases have been in the top 10 of the International Charts. Lis is a member of ASCAP and NARAS and holds a BA in music composition and an MFA in electronic music from Mills College. Her music has received favorable reviews in Africa, Canada, Europe, India, Korea, Mexico, Russia and the US. She has performed extensively throughout the United States including the deYoung Museum, New Langton Arts, Sound Healing Conferences, Via Montalvo, the Fenix, Power to the Peaceful and with Pablo Cruise and other rock, reggae, jazz and world music ensembles.

Ms. Addison believes in the power of music to communicate and transform and is the founder of KiVo - Kinetic Voice - a circle dance-song practice which serves to empower individuals to voice their vision and value and it  supports communities in East Africa. CLICK HERE for more information



"I couldn't decide what I was more impressed with - her wonderfully sensual vocals or her amazing talent on beats and keyboards. This is, simply, a killer album." Bill Binkelman READ MORE

"Addison uses her brilliantly multi-tracked vocals like an instrument, one that is so versatile in its timbre that it can sound like anything from a horn or an electric guitar to African tribal chants...Addison’s singing chants and electronic grooves give the album a tribal and primal yet high-tech and futuristic feel. It’s a winning combination that makes the CD stand out as the rare and uniquely exotic soundscape that it is." Raj Manoharan READ MORE

"In addition to her beautiful vocals on every track, Lis' extensive experience in music and recording is evident in the fact that she wrote all the songs and lyrics and did all the arrangement, produced the album and played just about all the instruments." Michael Diamond, READ MORE

"You've got to experience this talented artist for yourself . . .  a balm for the soul and a breath of fresh air." Dana Wright, Music Reviews

"Addison paves the way for a new genre of music." Circles of Light Magazine READ MORE

"The Album is beautiful and induces a state of relaxation." Yoga Journal

"Turning the music industry on it's ear." San Francisco Chronicle

"At the top of your listening list for years to come." The Jazz Doctor


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