On Stage

Shikamu - Djing her own music, performing vocals, playing percussion, dancing, leading audience in call and response rhythmic chant and movement.

Concert/Audience Participation: 45 minutes

Performances and Presentations (Partial List)

Power to the Peaceful, SF, CA

Burning Man, Black Rock City, NV 

Mystic Garden Party, Corning, CA

Sond Healing Conference, Oakland, CA

Conf. for Science and Non-Duality, N. CA

Ecstatic Dance, Oakland, CA

Festival of World Music, LA, CA 

Staten Island Institute of the Arts, NY, NY

New Langton Arts, SF, CA

DeYoung Museum, SF, CA

St. Joseph’s School, Arusha, Tanzania

Rancho La Puerta, Mexico 

Yogninimage, Geneva, Switzerland

Goddess Temple, Glastonbury, England

Presentation/Workshop I

Title: Empower Your Voice with Chant & Dance For Personal and Global Healing with Lis’s signature practice KiVo (Kinetic Voice)

Duration: 90-120 mins


Musician, Dancer and Healer, Shikamu (Lis Addison) presents an audio visual talk on the physics and metaphysics of sound and the way song and dance can be used as sacred tools for connecting to the realms of nature and spirit to provide healing and guidance.

She will then take you on a call and response journey of sound and movement medicine including chanting, toning, singing, dancing, shaking and improvising and will teach you how to enhance the vibrations you create with your voice for use in sound healing. She will lead you you in choreography, improvisation and rhythmic play to connect with others in new ways and inspire you to listen to the voices of nature and your own innate wisdom.

For decades, Shikamu has participated in tribal healing song and dance circles in the US, Africa and on Indigenous lands in the Americas. She travels extensively, convening her own healing dance-song circles in Europe and the US.


  • move stuck energy and release old trauma

  • connect to the realms of nature, spirit and the ancestors for guidance

  • empower your voice and improve self worth

  • develop social cohesion with others in the group

  • voice your vision and sacred work

Quotes: "It was freeing and empowering to be in a space where I was encouraged to express fully with my voice and every part of my body. The depth of emotional release I was able to experience was life changing." Steven C.


"The Album is beautiful and induces a state of relaxation." Yoga Journal
"You've got to experience this talented artist for yourself . . .  a balm for the soul and a breath of fresh air." Dana Wright, Music Reviews

"Addison uses her brilliantly multi-tracked vocals like an instrument, one that is so versatile in its timbre that it can sound like anything from a horn or an electric guitar to African tribal chant.” Raj Manoharan, Rajman Reviews